White Wilderness Heliskiing and Exclusive Adventure AG: In today’s world there is a term which is growing in importance and in use. ‘New Luxury’ refers to ability to shape your free time full of unique experiences and unforgettable stories.

Exclusive Adventure AG is the provider of high quality outdoor, lifestyle and adventure events across the globe.

Together with our partner ‘White Wilderness Heliskiing Inc’ we are able to offer sophisticated customers an unforgettable Canadian experience filled with an endless supply of powder filled slopes in the company of interesting people.


Straight from the lodge to the slopes. The helicopter will practically pick you up at your doorstep and before you know it will drop you off in the middle of our spectacular White Wilderness ski region.


1500 km2 of private wilderness! The ski region is just a 20 minute drive away from Terrace Airport, BC and offers the perfect location for an unforgettable heli-ski adventure with its 1,500 km2 private wilderness. The diversity of terrain (glacier, tree, alpine skiing) coupled with the Canadian powder make this the perfect region to satiate your appetite for an amazing experience. Getting to and from Terrace via Vancouver is made easy with 8 connecting flights per day.


The world’s best powder snow. The powder snow of British Columbia is hands down the best in the world. In Terrace you will find an abundance while enjoying some of the most pleasant temperatures.


Canadian hospitality & Swiss attention to detail. Caring, engaging and friendly – the spirit of Canadian hospitality is visible in every facet of life at the lodge. The Swiss owners of the lodge work tirelessly to provide you with the very best experience available on the market. The lodge, rooms and spacious baths are tasteful and stylish, designed with a rustic, Canadian sense of flair.


Refined dining with attention to detail. Our master chef from Europe, together with his ultra-attentive team, will spoil you during your entire stay. From breakfast to dinner, every meal will delight.


  • 7 Day unlimited Heliskiing.
  • Arrival Day: Friday. Briefing and training
  • Departure Day: Friday. After Heliskiing, ca. 16:00
  • Heliskiing: Saturday till Friday
  • Daily program:
  • Breakfast: 07:00 till 08:30
  • Take Off Heli: 09:00
  • Lunch: Approx. 1 Hour in the Wild
  • Return: 1 Hour before Sunset


“Down Days”

White Wilderness Heliskiing offers unique alternatives during the rare occasion of ‘down days’: Flying via helicopter to Hot springs, Skidoo racing or fishing on the ocean.


Maximum performance and safety. The EC B2 and B3+ helicopter models are the highest quality performance helicopters in their class on the market. The European helicopter offers space for a total of 5 passengers and is the number 1 choice for operations in the mountains. Fun fact, the EC B3 helicopter holds the record for the highest, successful rescue above 7000 meters above sea level on Mount Everest. All the White Wilderness pilots have over 10,000 flight hours each.


Included in every Package

  • 7 Day true unlimited vertical meters, Heliskiing all inclusive
  • Every group of 4 passengers are accompanied by 1 guide
  • Including massages (3-4 per person per week)
  • All inclusive meals

Standard Package CAD 13’400

  • 12 people, divided into 3 groups, share 1 helicopter

VIP Package CAD 18’900

  • 8 people, divided into 2 groups, share 1 helicopter
  • No waiting period

Private Package CAD 89’000

  • 4 people share 1 helicopter
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Access to remote locations
  • No waiting period

Complete Lodge CAD 330’000

  • Up to 8 people share the entire lodge and two helicopters
  • All private package benefits and your own lodge