Andie Jones

Editor in Chief


From humble beginnings as a ski and rollerblade instructor, to current media guru, there aren’t many things Andrew hasn’t written about, photographed, branded or represented in oneway or another in the last 25 years.

As Editor in Chief and founder of ‘The Player’ brand as well as Managing director of the publishing house, Andrew has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of the luxury market.

Brenden Mills


Features Editor

Brenden joins the player team as features editor, with an interest in everything fast from cars to bikes to planes. He is a professional pilot and holds an Airline Transport Pilots Licence, so he has also taken on the role of 'Player Pilot', the golf clubs are often in the back of the aircraft while flying from one event to the next. If it is not cars & bikes Brenden can be found on the golf course using every golfers favourite phrase 'fore’.

Michael Donald

Senior International Features Editor


Before joining The Player Mike worked with American Express for many years excelling in corporate hospitality and event management. His experience is unrivalled when it comes to membership and lifestyle events. Mike looks after all Player member events as well as lifestyle features and spends most of his time running the Russian office in Moscow. The other passion in his life is his beloved Ferrari Dino.

Paul Mathews

Senior Golf &

Features Editor

As a general sport nut, injuries have taken their toll and Paul now focuses on golf - although still follows his beloved rugby & cricket as closely as possible. He can be found on any golf course that comes highly recommended, as long as there is sunshine and good company!

His day job is running an accountancy practice, which fortunately gives the opportunity for ‘work' golf as well as his other favourite pastimes - fine food & wine.

Chris Leopard

Motoring Editor


As a confirmed petrol head, it is Chris’ role to ensure that the magazine always includes a good selection of exotic motors. It is essential to have a passion for all things related to cars and motor sport. Chris would rather spend his time travelling the globe following the Formula 1 and World Rally Championships. When he is not involved with cars and motor sport, Chris can normally be found attempting to play golf.

Phillip Carpenter

Picture Editor

Phil started his career as a paparazzi working for all the major tabloids. His speciality is portraiture working in his studio and various locations around the world using lighting to produce some of the most stunning photos of famous faces. Phil joined the player team two years ago and has been a constant and consistent contributor to our photographic content. His cover shots are second to none as are the interview features.

Reece Clarke

Fine Wine Editor


Reece is an avid fine wine collector and participant at numerous tasting’s and events that are held throughout the year.
He is an ex-on trade buyer as well as having many years of experience in hospitality and corporate entertainment.

Jason Plato

Motor Sport Editor

Jason Plato, professional racing driver, is the current British Touring Car Champion, having completely outclassed the rest of the field in the 2010 BTCC championship.
He is a well known presenter on the UK television series Fifth Gear as well as a highly accomplished journalist and marketing expert. As The Player resident motor sports editor, Jason puts his own slant on reviews and interviews from the world of motorsport.

Chris Witty

Features Editor


Chris Witty has been writing about cars and powerboats for nearly 40 years. He was born in Nottingham, England in 1950 but grew up in Germany in the early ‘50s. A former child actor from the ‘50s and ‘60s, Chris appeared in over 30 feature films, countless TV and radio productions and also on the West End stage. Having worked within the motorsports industry, including Formula1, Chris has a wealth of knowledge in all things racing. Currently, Chris entertains himself by running an Offshore Powerboat.

Peter da Silva

Features Editor

From the PA world where Peter assisted a rock star to the PR world where Peter runs a boutique agency, he can be called upon to seek out the most hidden hotel or the quirkiest restaurant across the world. Not afraid to have a go – Peter adds a sense of fashion to his features making them desired, just like the places and people he writes about for The Player International..

Paul Mckeown

Watch Editor


Born in 1963, Paul’s spare time as a boy was spent hunting around antique shops. His obsession with horology took on a new role when his Grandfather passed away and left him a 1902 Omega fob watch. From that day he started to collect and occasionally sell, fine timepieces. Paul says, “A watch tells me the kind of person you are! For instance, you can’t drive your Ferrari into a club or restaurant yet you can walk in with a watch of likewise value. This is the reason I am still fascinated at the way one is judged by one’s watch!”

Carmelo Guastella

Mens Style Editor

With 30 years of experience, Carmelo is an established and respected hairstylist and arbiter of men’s luxury grooming. His many accolades include the GQ’s “Barber of Choice”, and in 2014,he was appointed International Ambassador for Dove Men + Care Expert Shave Range. In addition to cutting the hair of his select clientele and advising on the development of men’s grooming projects, Carmelo is much sought after as a hairstylist in the creative world of men’s runway shows and fashion shoots..

Scott Manson

Features Editor


An award-winning editor and journalist. He's been in the editor's chair at music mag Ministry, Loaded and BA's High Life. He was the launch editor of Red Bull's UK website and he has written for Channel 4 and BBC websites, among others. 2010 saw him highly commended as 'Editor of the Year' at the British Society of Magazine Editors awards. His travel writing can be read in publications such as Men's Health, Sunday Times Style, Daily Mail and Metro. As a journalist, Scott has travelled the world with rock stars, top DJs and supermodels.

Steve Bond

Fitness Editor

Our lifestyle and fitness editor originally from Belfast but now living in Hertfordshire, he has spent most of his time entrenched in the world of competitive sport, specialising in rugby, athletics and golf. Steve’s recent work has been with elite athletes, backstage with bands and with a growing group of HNW’s. He currently owns and operates a bespoke high performance sports facility near London and travels extensively with clients to ensure optimum returns from both on the field and in their respective industries.

Brett Burbridge

Art Director


A lover of all things design, Brett has worked on the creation and implementation of wealth and brand identities for large corporates. When not co directing his design agency bp design, he can be found illustrating his favourite children’s books Harold & Franklin which he produces with a certain Mr Andie Jones. Bretts invaluable experience keeps The Player bookazine at the cutting edge of design.

Larry Price

Music & Features Editor

Larry’s illustrious career encompasses the fields of music, literature and travel as well as the PR and marketing world. Author of ten published books, ranging from music and other biographies to travel, fiction and science fiction, Larry is the musical and PR inspiration behind Mayfair’s award winning Dover Street Restaurant & Bar and a passionate supporter of live music everywhere. Larry Pryce, quite simply, an organiser, an entrepreneur, and a commentator par excellence!

Melissa Cole

Beer Editor & Journalist


Author of Let Me Tell You About Beer Melissa Cole is living the beer dream writing & broadcasting extensively about the world’s favourite drink. As a qualified sommelier she works with some of the UK’s leading chefs to build a better understanding of beer and its deserved place alongside fine food. Melissa was recently named one of the Most Powerful Women in the Drinks Industry by Channel4 Food. When she’s not doing probably the best job in the world, she takes an interest in all things lifestyle, but invariably with the odd pint along the way.

Georgina Lugger

Features Journalist

Georgina is a high flying sales and marketing professional who organises all of the sponsorship, marketing and hospitality for The Player racing car run by her partner at Century Motorsport. Her credentials as a Player journalists speak for themselves, having covered subjects as diverse as motor racing, travel, food and adventure sports. Known in the paddock as The Nails with the Heels, Georgina can be found most weekends at one of the TOCA meetings supporting her partner and The Player racing driver, Nathan Freke.

Jessica Gibson

Features Journalist

A self-confessed media junkie, Jess is your go-to girl for all the latest news in current affairs, celebrity gossip and everything in between. If she’s not tweeting, she’s blogging, and if she’s not blogging she’s sweet talking her way into London’s newest bar or club. She’s grown partial to the finer things in life, and loves indulging in spa days, trips to the theatre and a good bottle of Chablis. Jess has a degree in Media, Communication and Cultural Studies from Newcastle University and despite enjoying London life; she is a true northerner at heart !

James Nicholls

International Art Editor

International investment art specialist James is the Investment Art Expert for British Airways and featured on in-flight entertainment programming. He is art contributor to numerous newspapers and magazines and has been featured on a plethora of international television programmes. He is a recognised speaker and presenter on art and offers investment art consultancy on a personal basis. James is also an international award winning television producer and clients include some of the highest profile personalities.

Danièle Ryman

Deputy Art Editor

Danièle comes from France having attended the famous Ecole des Beaux Arts, in Paris. She is the ‘Patron of Art, (Art for health’s Sake) NHS Trust, UK, George Eliot Hospital. Daniele is widely acknowledged as the worlds leading Aromacologist, author of six books in over 20 languages as well as the ‘Well Being Expert’ on British Airways inflight programming. Danièle believes in the combination of aromacolgy through the science of vision, colours, aromas and taste and consults to a diversity of clients from royals to some of the world’s largest international corporations. She is a regular speaker at international conferences.

Bruce Milani Gallieni

Luxury Driving Editor

Bruce lives between London and Milan and spends most of his time running his motorcycle and scooter business in the metropolis. When not on the road, his forays with diving have clocked up many dives in the depths of the big blue seas for both pleasure and research. He is a trustee of MAST, the Maritime Archeological Sea Trust, and contributes to DIVER magazine. As a fully qualified PADI staff diving instructor, and rescue diver, he has extensively explored waters from the Atlantic to the Red Sea, and from the Caribbean to the Pacific, in search of the tranquility, respite and wildlife that reigns undiscovered below the surface. In Bruce’s words: "We are privileged to explore a part of the world most never get to see".

Roger Bishton

Deputy Golf Editor

Roger is one of our more lively members of the team. His golf technique, unfortunately is not as strong as his passion for the game. Roger’s other forte and second love to his family, is whisky. Fluent in several foreign languages, a chartered accountant and general know-it-all, Roger’s contributions to The player are not only invaluable, but also a welcome addition to our content.